15 - 16 novembre 2017
Paris Porte de Versailles

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Rendez-vous les 15 et 16 novembre 2017 à Paris Porte de Versailles.

Stay one step ahead of cyber-attacks [the reality of protecting 80.000 servers globally]

Sécurité & Gouvernance / Big Data, Analytique et Objets Connectés
Stream : Cyber Security
Your data is one of your most valuable assets. But hackers become smarter and more aggressive every day. LeaseWeb protects 80.000 servers against cyber-attacks from hackers all over the world. During this presentation we will share with you what we encounter out on the battlefield frontlines, and what we do You can expect to learn about:• Cyber Security• IP and Network protection
Julien Lehmann , Product Manager - LeaseWeb

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